AI based Enterprise Content Management Solutions

With the increased number of Newspapers, Books and other documents getting stored in libraries,
digitization has taken more prominence to address a larger audience.

Through Technology based workflow solutions in Digitization, EIL Global is one of the unique service
providers in the digitization of space especially involving large volume of documents such as archived
newspapers, books etc. EIL Global plays a significant active role in the archival digitization movement.

EIL Global uses AI & NLP based solutions in Australia for transaction processing involving huge volume of
documents and data. Solution based on cognitive computing based software automation brings in a
tremendous process optimization which in turn results in cost savings to larger extent. Cost benefits would
be alarming for process such as digitization where the complete work flow is automated.

Some of our service includes:
  • Archived Newspaper Conversions with ALTO, METS Conversions & Feeds
  • Digitization of newspapers, book, journals, manuscripts, magazines and other documents
  • Scanning from Hard copies, Microfiche, Microfilms
  • XML generation
  • eBook Conversion

Our solution revolves around

  • Digital Repository
  • Content Management
  • Content Analysis
  • Transformation of Content

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