Services rendered follow a life cycle approach in deploying or managing new or existing technologies as part of delivering IT Services Australia : Professional and Managed Services.

Services rendered by EIL Global are based on demand and requirements of the customers in adopting the right technology. Technology spectrum includes End User computing, Servers and storage, Unified Communications, Collaboration technologies, Virtualization and Data Center technologies.

Life cycle approach starts from Professional Services which includes requirement analysis, solution identification, design engineering, BoM preparations and approvals, implementation, testing and Day 1 Support. These solutions are provided by us as part of EIL global's IT Services Australia.

Second part of life cycle approach is Managed Services and associated forms of support to ensure the new system works as per the expectations of the customers - Includes day to day operations support across all of its offices under implementation, user support, troubleshooting and resources to manage client infrastructure, 24x7. We provide all  solutions as part of IT Services Australia.

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