Unified Communications Provisioning Suite

EIL global provides its Unified Communications Suite in addressing various challenges within Unified Communications, from implementation, migration to Day 2 support:
As part of transforming Unified Communications implementation and user experience, EIL global provides the following tools:
Unified Communications Suite - migration Tool

The tool which is majorly used for migrations from Legacy PBX to Cisco UC Environment, for example, Nortel legacy PBX to Cisco Unified Communications. Tool, as designed, is meant to reduce migration effort, time and complexity.

How it works: Configuration data, feature data and user data from legacy PBX are converted into desired CSV sheets.
Deliverables: This tool significantly reduces time of migration effort by simplifying the understanding of the system and the associated configurations.
  • Reduces migration complexity
  • Error Free migration
  • Reduce Engineers’ effort in understanding the legacy system configuration
  • Reduces the overall migration Cost
Cisco Unified Communications provisioning suite

A web based comprehensive commissioning system for easy provision of complex tasks.

How it works: A complete suite to perform commissioning tasks of users such as creating, updating and deleting users, phones, profiles, VM and all associated end user objects in CUCM.
Deliverables: This collaboration suite is used to setup Cisco phones, device profiles, voicemail details – correctly, first time, every time – thus reducing operational costs associated to daily telephony operations.
  • Day-2 Operation’s Tool ideal for helpdesk & Level - 1 team
  • Reduced Operational cost and complexity
  • Consistent Execution & Faster Response
  • Consistent Configuration of endpoints
Salient Features
  • CUCM version supported 8.x, 9.x and 10.x
  • Day-2 MACD Operations (Profiles and Phones)
  • Add / Delete / Update of -
  • Phones / Jabber End Points / Extension Mobility Profiles
  • Single Number Reach – Provisioning
  • Checking of used/associated DN during Provisioning
  • Bulk – MACD Operations Supported
  • Add / Delete / Update
  • Delete Unassociated Line and Devices
  • Roll back on Failure - with Logs
  • Multiple Cluster Support with Location Based Templates
  • Secured Multilevel Administration
  • Audit trail and full reporting on provisioning activities
Unified Communication suite - Configurations Reporting Tool

The key function of this configuration Reporting tool is to automatically produce customized CUCM configuration reports.

How it works: The Tool is designed to assist administrator with existing CUCM AS Built configuration. The report can helpful to verify if the configurations are aligned with the organisation’s design guideline / best practices.
Deliverables: Customised Reports in CSV and WORD or HTML format can be produced within minutes. It also helps in finding accidental deletions of the configurations and provides a full track of the configurations which are vital for the administrators.
  • Allows reviewing of applied changes
  • Understand and evaluate changes and change consequences quickly
  • Reports can be scripted and generated well to explain the current CUCM Configurations, designs and drawbacks
Salient Features
  • Customized Configuration Report of CUCM, Consists Of -
  • License Details
  • Server and Services Information
  • Device Info - Unregister / Registered
  • Device Distribution Count
  • Route / Dial Plan Information
  • Hunt / Line Group Information
  • Automated Scheduled or Manual Reporting of Configuration
  • Reports provided in Different Formats (Word / Excel / PDF)
  • Compare Historical Configuration Reports
  • Track Configuration Changes
Unified Communications Suite - Phone Inventory Tool
The tool provides Dashboard view of all IP Phones in the network along with the information for the end points. Tool provides instant information on phone deployed on a granular level and can be organized by phone name, extension number or description and can optionally be grouped by phone type or registration status etc.
Deliverables: Tool can produce Instant Reports in CSV formats and can be based on enterprise’s customized templates and colour schemes.
  • Gives a Snapshot of CUCM Endpoints in the network
  • Instant granular level reporting
  • Gives a list of unregistered IP Phones in the network
  • Helpful for Asset Management team for tracking of IP Phones
Phone Care

This Collaboration Software can drastically reduce the daily occurrences of end-user ticket/incidents that requires involvement of helpdesk. The single and simple web based Console of the tool for managing the phone are designed to be operated by the end users themselves. It also helps

  • Integration with enterprise Active Directory
  • Ability to manage their UC environments with ease
  • Helps as a self-tool for simple tasks related to IP Phones
  • Reduce helpdesk load for basic IT tickets
  • Reduce the Operational Cost
  • Integration with enterprise Active directory