all in cloud

EIL Global’s All In-Cloud integrates hardware and software into a flexible architecture that supports a journey to virtualization and the cloud with minimal risk.  This Flexpod Express Australia solution is based on Cisco Flexpod Express recommendations Organizations face tough challenges as they move towards the cloud,

  • Increasingly complex virtualized environments
  • The need for IT to support greater business agility
  • Risks of delay and disruptions when deploying new technologies
Why All-in-Cloud ?


Pay as you use:

A solution which always fit to your budget and can be enhanced based on your business growth. Growth of an company cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy, then Why to make upfront investment, early in to hardware, software or other IT resources, Just use as per the present requirement and if required pay more and use more

Single Point of Contact:

Don’t worry about multi-vendor integrations, as a single point of contact, along with managed services contract signed with us, we will work behalf of you by collaborating with all these vendors for issues until finding solid resolution by Managing and supporting you always everyday every time operating 24/7 with full equipped NOC center and technical experts

Packaged Solution:

It’s an All-in-Cloud a bundled package combining CISCO, VMWARE orflex pod MICROSOFT with NETAPP solution altogether in to single solution for Flexpod Express Australia. This mix of technologies transforms the physical infrastructure into dynamic pools of datacenter resources, creating a shared virtualized infrastructure which is flexible and efficient by matching the same control and security of a dedicated environment


Let’s your team concentrate on your project delivery and your business growth, so that you can concentrate more on your productivity rather than worrying about management of Hardware/Software,  we will be supporting, collaborating with you and the Vendor to meet your changing business needs by delivering rapid, repeatable, cost-effective and consistent IT services

  • Reduced power, space and cooling requirements
  • Better utilization of IT assets
  • Reduction in amount of storage space, as it can be dynamically increased
  • Reduced overhead with simplified, centralized management of applications
  • Limited IT Management staff
  • Single point of Management and suppor