AddMe Secure

Smarter BYOD Implementation with AddMe Secure

AddMe Secure is the safest, most efficient way to enforce a BYOD policy in Australia from the moment of connection. Specifically designed with BYOD in mind, it has a unique suite of tools designed to handle non-domain devices.

User Self-Service

AddMe Secure in Australia allows users to self-enroll. The process is completely self-guided and voluntary. Onboarding this way lets employees feel in control of the process, and leaves them with a device that is still “theirs”. The process can even be rolled out to guests and visitors with no risk to privacy or productivity loss.

Reduce Initial Setup Time and Cost

AddMe Secure automatically delivers the required network configuration to every device that connects based on the OS and type of device. Using a browser based UI; AddMe Secure is easy to use and reduces onboarding time and effort. It even checks for problematic drivers and software!

Combined with remote connection troubleshooting and the best reporting in the industry, AddMe Secure can significantly take a chunk out of the costs associated with wireless networking.

Set it and Forget It

AddMe Secure deploys almost instantly and often runs months at a time without needing to be touched. Backed by a full 24-hour support team, it quietly automates much of the background management of a network.

Fully Customizable

AddMe Secure can be customized to your organization’s exact requirements including features such as messaging that directs users to the correct SSID for organizations with user-specific SSIDs/networks,  customized configuration for each type of device etc.

Powers of a Certificate

Using certificates instead of passwords is not only more secure, it’s a faster and more powerful way to authenticate. Certificates intrinsically link access not only to the user, but to each device itself. Automate policy with more options than ever before and get insight into how each device connects. AddMe Secure provides an entire framework to customize, provision, install, revoke, and automate device certificates. Read more about the AddMe Secure Connector here. Click Here!

Getting started with AddMe Secure

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