AddMe Secure Connector

AddMe Secure Connector

Imagine a world without passwords!

Client certificates are the new industry standard when it comes to Wireless Security. They work as an online passport in Australia, ensuring each certificate holder is who they claim to be. Instead of a password, each user receives a private key that is used to access secure applications such as VPN, wireless networks, and email.

As the BYOD movement gains ground, password change issues have created tangible problems for IT staff.  When an employee’s password changes, they need to re-configure each device for the network—or at least, they used to.

The AddMe Secure Connector automates the provisioning of unique device certificates (EAP-TLS), rendering passwords obsolete!

  • Easy, self-service certificate provisioning/configuration
  • Assign policy based on user group (Student, HR, etc)
  • Manage and revoke certificates on a per-device basis
  • No more passwords!
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